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Organic fertilizer

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Organik Gübre

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed natural fertilizer

Natural Fertilizer Plus is known as the best organic fertilizer and productive.

Natural Ferilizer Plus is enriched with 40% vermicompost and 60% natural organic materials. In addition to enriching the soil, increasing the proportion of organic matter, providing earliness and increase in productivity in the fruit trees, protection against diseases garden and houseplants may also be given as a bottom fertilizer and leaf fertilizers in greenhouses and fields.

What is Natural Fertilizer Plus? 
Natural Fertilizer Plus almost includes all the elements and trace elements with certain percentage which proportion of organic substance and humic fulvic acid is high, to be known as the raw material of natural phosphorus, natural calcium and protein source , including beneficial bacteria to soil and fungi hosts and functions as yield and flavor enhancer activator known as plant nutrient and soil regulator.

Natural Fertilizer Plus Usage Areas

– in Soil Preparation Stage
– in soil mortar preparation
– as a root fertilizer
– in greenhouses
– in Fruit and Vegetable Production
– in Gardens and the fields
– in vineyards
– ın the park’s gardens and for plants planted in squares
– in germination and environmental regulation
– in tea production
– in the cultivated mushroom production
– in the production of hazelnuts
– in ornamental plants and in flower pots

Natural Fertilizer Plus It provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) in a ratio of 4-3-3.

  • These basic nutrients, accelerates growing strongly and root development.
  • Because the Natural Fertilizer is slowly released, it does not harm the plant, it provides all the minerals needed in summer.
  • It doesn’t have any harm to the environment and human health.
  • Neutralizes all of the chemicals found in the soil.
  • It regulates the nutrients needed to grow the plant found in the soil and slows down all the elements the plants need.
  • Multi-purpose: gives excellent results on flowers, fruit, vegetables, grass, trees and plants.
  • It is effective as foliar application or as bottom fertilizer
  • It performs well in commercial fruit and vegetable market..
  • It improves plant health that contributes to disease and stress resistance.
  • It contains 10 micro-nutrients as well as a range of vitamins and amino acids.
  • 100% natural.
  • Established  within the  support of Mr. Kadir, Natural Fertilizer has a production capacity of 25 tons of organic fertilizer per day and not just Turkey’s but also it’s  the world’s largest organic fertilizer manufacturer.
  • Although our name is in English, all established with Turkish capital and 100% Turkish Property
  • Our knowledge, our accumulation, Our enthusiasm, We showed our love to our country and tried to do our best with our knowledge, enthusiasm and passion
  • We are competing with ourselves and set out  to reach to the excellence  and achieve to unfulfilled.
  • We are here with our experience, our determination, our habit, our honesty and all our power.
  • We are architects of healthy communities
  • We are stepping in the run to become the flagship of the Economy which gives the most foreign exchange to our country
  • We are trying to be Leader of the Organic Agriculture Sector in the World which brings the most foreign exchange to my country and progress towards the flagship of the economy.
  • In short, we are at every moment of your life! We will continue to exist

In short, where to use Arti Natural Fertilizer!

  • In Amateur & Professional Floristry
  • In Grounded & Soilless Greenhouses
  • In Seedling & Plants Growing
  • In Field & Garden vegetables in fruit cultivation
  • In Trees & Fruit growing
  • In Improvement of cereals and diseased soils